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By partnering with Compros, you’ll get an easy to use software solution that meets all your specific requirements. Our solutions are consistently delivered on time and to tight deadlines

Using off-the-shelf software can be ineffective and costly. Adapting fully featured applications to meet your needs is a complex task and licensing can become more expensive as your business grows.

Compros builds solutions using:

  • Windows Applications
  • Windows Services
  • Compact Windows Development (for mobile devices)

The benefits of partnering with Compros include:

  • Seamless Integration - We have the expertise to fully integrate our software with your existing applications and databases. This includes back-end integration and an identical interface on the front-end for a seamless user experience.
  • Robust .NET Framework - Our desktop application are built using the .NET Framework. .NET is a robust, mature and well supported Microsoft development platform that’s constantly improving.
  • Adaptable to Older Systems - As well as creating new applications, can upgrade legacy applications written in older programming languages to .NET.
  • Specialised Maintenance - Alternatively we are able to provide specialised maintenance to your existing systems.
  • MS Access Expertise - We have extensive experience in creating and maintaining MS Access forms, reports and other elements, giving you the option of continuing to use Access as your main application platform.

Case Study

SAFESELECT designs specific tests for screening applicants to roles where the job requires making decisions about the safety of other people.
The majority of their clients are government agencies including Fire, Police, Ambulance, Corrective Services, and Justice departments.
Software improvements have resulted in increased productivity and the ability to offer our clients an unparalleled level of service.
Kerry Thomas
Operations Manager


SAFESELECT wanted to develop an integrated applicant testing system.  This system would enable them to create client specific test.  It would allow the clients to administer the test online or on paper.
It would also have the ability to scan the test answer sheets and documents, perform statistical analysis and generate candidate reports for the clients.

Compros built
  • An Online Testing Website for clients to be able to setup and administer applicant tests and for the applicant to take the online test.
  • A Desktop Application that allows SAFESELECT to setup client profiles, scan candidate answer sheets and invoices for the clients.
  • A Reporting platform to produce the test result and recommendation reports.

This integrated solution ensured that all information was consolidated in a central database store and accessible to SAFESELECT and the client on demand.  Statistical analysis became easier.
The applicant tests could be setup and the client invoices and reports could be generated in just a few clicks.  This enabled SAFESELECT to streamline the applicant testing process and increase their productivity.


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What our clients say about us
  • Compros have proven themselves a professional partner that I feel confident in working with. We continue to be impressed by their knowledge, professionalism, and attention to detail
    Lena Osherov
    Senior Developer
  • Compros was able to convert our paper (and verbal) specification into an installable networked database solution that was so reliable that it has not ‘fallen over’ even once.
    Anders Akerlund
  • Compros have professionalism and attention to details that sets them apart and the quality of their work is evident in the reliability of all their application development work. I can highly recommend the services of Sergey and his team.
    Julian Ryan
    Manager: Applications & Business Analysis
  • Aside from the fact that we prefer continuity in suppliers and that Compros now have a good knowledge of our systems, there has, so far, been no failure in supply, approach or understanding to warrant looking elsewhere.
    Gerard Nolan
  • Software improvements have resulted in increased productivity and the ability to offer our clients an unparalleled level of service.
    Kerry Thomas
    Operations Manager
  • The application Compros built for us was very well designed and implemented. It has been running for three and a half years with no faults, we haven’t once experienced any bugs or required any fixes.
    Julian Ryan
    Manager: Applications & Business Analysis
  • Compros was engaged to improve the efficiency of our accounting systems and ensure compliance. The service we received was highly professional, carried out by a competent developer, who understood our needs and was pleasant and helpful to work with.
    Garry Collins
    Business owner
  • Software improvements have resulted in increased productivity and the ability to offer our clients an unparalleled level of service.
    Kerry Thomas
    Operations Manager
  • Our core application was in an out-dated format, so we commissioned Compros to duplicate the functionality utilising a more up-to-date programming language. There were also adjustments made to enhance its performance and bring us up to current technologies in other ways. This was done seamlessly ensuring the ability for easier updates and maintenance, giving our application much greater longevity
    Peter Fitzgerald
    City Valuer
  • Compros has been responsible for the quality control of our expert profiling system, computer security and programming at AIFP since 1998. During this time they have provided a professional and extremely reliable service whilst maintaining the highest standards of business ethics and etiquette.
    Ken Byrne
    Managing Director
  • Compros has the ability to work quickly yet is focused on quality to ensure that what is built is robust and stable. We haven’t needed any ongoing support for this application due to the robustness of the system.
    Julian Ryan
    Manager: Applications & Business Analysis

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